Spinal care and massage for animals.

Benefits of a McTimoney treatment for your horse.

Horses of all ages and disciplines can benefit from a treatment; from the competition horse that is required to perform at the peak of its ability, to the retiree that requires a little extra help with maintaining its body.

Some of the benefits of a McTimoney can include:

• Reduction of muscular pain
• Increased range of motion
• Better stamina
• Improved circulation
• Instigating the bodies self-healing ability
• Relaxing of body and spirit

Some example signs of when your horse could benefit from a treatment:

• Muscles tightness, especially along the spine
• A general unexplained change in behaviour
• An unwillingness to be groomed, girthed or mounted
• Bucking and tail swishing, napping, bolting, refusing jumps etc
• Loss of performance
• Asymmetry, difficulty bending to one side, stiffness on one rein and head tilting
• Disunited canter and difficulty striking off one canter lead
• Uneven muscle development
• Hollowing of the back or difficulty engaging quarters
• Falling in on circles or struggling with lateral work
• Unexplained lameness where all else has been eliminated by the vet
• Unevenness, especially behind and inability to track up
• Uncomfortable standing square and the shifting of weight around

The symptoms can be as a result of a one-off acute cause, or the problem may be more chronic, having built up over days, weeks or even years.

Examples of acute causes can include:

• A fall, slip or trip
• Hitting a fence or landing awkwardly after a jump
• Rough horseplay and/or a kick
• Becoming cast in the stable
• Tight cornering, especially at speed

More chronic cause may include the following:

• Ill-fitting tack
• Dental problems
• Poor hoof care
• An unbalanced rider
• Repetitive actions, such as small circles
• Getting on from the ground
• Poor conformation
• Working the horse incorrectly
• Quick turns made at speed
• Excessive work over rough / soft / hard terrain
• Rough handling
• Compensatory misalignments as a results of an untreated acute cause

These examples are not exhaustive. If you are concerned about anything but are unsure if I can help, please do contact me to discuss it.