Spinal care and massage for animals.

About McTimoney therapy.

McTimoney Therapy was founded by John McTimoney in the 1950’s, initially for treating people with back pain. However, it proved so successful that he developed it for animal treatments.

The McTimoney technique takes into account the entire body, with special attention paid to the spinal vertebrae. The adjustments rely on speed and accuracy, rather than force, using only my hands. Targeting the specific problem areas and enabling the muscles.

Massage, stress point release and stretches are incorporated into the treatment, complimenting the McTimoney adjustments.

Most animals take readily to the treatment and many find it relaxing.However, it is not a quick fix. The therapy initiates the healing process, allowing the animal’s body to heal itself and each animal responds differently depending to the problem and how long the animal has had it.

The McTimoney treatment can help competition and working animals, family pets, seniors and post-injury patients as part of the rehabilitation process.