Spinal care and massage for animals.

Benefits of a McTimoney treatment for your dog.

Whether the dog is a family pet or a working dog, they can all be subject to misalignments and discomfort.

Dogs have very flexible spines that allow them to run, jump and participate in sports such as agility, flyball and field trials. There are also the not so athletic individuals and those suffering from conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia that may require a little extra help to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Some examples that your dog may benefit from a treatment include:

• A change in behaviour, such as an unwillingness to go for a walk or to play.
• Stiffness on getting up
• Unexplained yelping
• Always lying or sitting to one side and/or unable to sit or lie squarely
• Uneven claw wear
• Sensitivity to being touched
• Difficulty climbing up and down stairs or jumping in and out of cars
• Unexplained lameness that the vet has ruled all other cause out of
• Loss of performance in competition
• Holding the tail to one side
• Uneven muscle development

The symptoms can be as a result of a one-off acute cause, or the problem may be more chronic, having built up over days, weeks or even years.

Examples of acute causes can include:

• A fall, trip or slip
• An accident
• Fighting or rough play
• Over exertion

More chronic cause may include the following:

• Pulling on the lead and always being led from the same side
• Walking on slippery floor, i.e. tiling in the house
• Skeletal disorder, i.e. hip or elbow dysplasia. Although the treatment cannot cure this, it can help relieve the secondary compensatory issues that result
• Poor conformation
• Bent around to one side when walking to heel
• Playing with other dogs and toys
• Repetitive movements such as sharp turns, jumps and twists
• Excessive work over rough / soft / hard terrain
• Rough handling
• Compensatory misalignments as a result of an acute cause that was not treated

These examples are not exhaustive. If you are concerned about anything but are unsure if I can help, please do contact me to discuss it.